Simon Says Part V


the Transcaster displayed no sign of Superfrog, anywhere … Superfrog stirred on the bed. It had been over a week since Simon had captured and brainwashed him … In 2 hours Superfrog would be dead … Only one hour and 59 minutes now, Simon threw his head back and laughed…

The epic adventure of Superfrog continues…

Superfrog looked out towards the side of the street as he was driving. He frowned. Something wasn’t sitting well with him, and he wasn’t sure why… Hmm… maybe it was that pizza he had eaten earlier… Wait a minute! There had never been a pizza place on the corner of 6th and Narrowway before! Superfrog yanked up the parking brake and spun the wheel around. The tires squealed as the van slid around to face the other direction. Superfrog pushed the gas pedal to the floor, took a sip of his cream soda, and zipped back down the street towards the pizza place!


“DING!”, a bell rang amidst the silence. Simon stirred and woke up, happy that his cake was done…

“DING!”, a bell rang amidst the silence. Simon, who had fallen back asleep, woke up a second time happy that his cake was done. Oh No! The cake might be burning! He ran to the oven and threw open the door. Quickly, he grabbed the cake and then yelled out in pain.

“That’s it!”, he yelled. “Who moved my Martha Mitts!?”

He loved Martha Stewart and had placed images of her face on each of his three oven mitts. He had one oven mitt for each hand and one hanging on the wall in his office. He frantically searched the room. He spotted the mitts and swallowed a scream. Superfrog was wearing them! That Supidfrog! Even though, he was brainwashed, Superfrog was still messing things up! Simon was very upset. He glanced down at his watch. Only one hour and seven minutes before he had planned to kill Superfrog. That was now too long to wait, it must be done soon.

He yelled at two guards walking down the hall and pointed at Superfrog, “Take him to his deathbed! NOW!”

To be continued…

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