Simon Says


“Oh No! It’s Simon the one who blew up City Hall last summer!” … “You forgot that whatever Simon says… goes”  … “You haven’t seen the last of me Superfrog!!!!”

The epic adventure of Superfrog continues…

Superfrog flew over the city with a rubber ducky in his hands. Awe… this is the life! Superfrog, feeling clean already, got out of his bath and turned off the visual images displayed in it. Placing his rubber ducky next to his statue of Kermit the Frog, Superfrog walked out of his restroom.

A small spaceship flew over the house and exploded because of the anti-air missile guns that Superfrog had placed around his yard.

“Oh no!” Superfrogs says, “That poor alien just got decimated!”

The alien, who was in the space vehicle that had just got decimated, was thrown out of it and straight toward one of the house’s many skylights. It crashed through the window and landed on top of Superfrog.

In a rage of fury the alien said, “Help me”.

Superfrog, who had just been crushed by a 10 pound alien said, “Ok”.

The alien continued, “When my spaceship exploded a shard of it flew off in the direction of the city.  You must find it, and please record ‘That 2150′s Show’ for me”.

Superfrog said, “Ok”.

To be continued…

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