Simon Says Part III


“It appears that the one shard has… become three” … Things were much more than fishy. Something about this seemed familiar, a little too familiar…

The epic adventure of Superfrog continues…

Simon waited and watched. His engine was running and his headlights were off. He went over things one more time in his head. Everything had to be perfect if his plan were to succeed. He saw what appeared to be an SUV approaching. From the looks of it there were several passengers inside. He watched. There was no one following them.

“Excellent”, he thought. This was just what he had been waiting for.

Quickly, he flipped on the lights, pushed the gas and pulled out right in front of them. He pulled up to the little metallic box that asked him what he wanted to order. He ordered the cheapest thing on the menu and proceeded to pay for it. He had never liked the one size fits all paper bags that they used for to go orders, but, there were, as he discovered, some advantages. He proceeded to do the unthinkable and pulled out of line. He stealthily maneuvered the car back in place behind the SUV. Thirty more seconds. He pulled up to the window. He took the bag that was presented to him and thanked the lady for the quick service.

Simon smiled wryly to himself. He disappeared into the night with 5 Jumboburgers and one new plastic childrens toy.


Superfrog sped down the street. He watched as the shops fwished1 by the window. Something was gnawing at him, and he didn’t like the feeling. He looked down and saw a pair of wind up teeth clamped onto his leg. He raised his eyebrows.

“Not sure how those got there…” he said aloud.

In fact, many a strange thing had been happening as of late and he… He slammed on the brakes! The tires squeeled as they fought to regain control over the pavement. Suddenly, they jolted to a stop. He watched as a turtle crossed the street. More watching. He continued to watch. He watched as the turtle climbed onto the opposite curb just outside of Fred’s TVLand. That was close! The red light turned to blue and then to orange. Superfrog continued down the street towards the purple moon.

To be continued…

1. Definition: Fwished – verb. Though it is not used as often today as one might think, fwished is a word. The origins of the word come from the hallowed halls of the Fishermens Tower. It was commonly used to denounce claims of fishing grandeur. Where one might say “I caught a fish as big as your fish but bigger”, the other would say “You fwish!” the first would then say “No, you fwish!” back.  The process would continue indefinitely. The fisherman who were able to emerge from this loop were unaware that any time had passed at all thus they would say the time went “fwishing by”.

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