Simon Says Part VII


…They were taking their prisoner to his deathbed. Soon Superfrog would be no more … the second man moved toward the combination lock. He pushed the first aside stretched out his arms and hugged the lock. Neither man was aware of the change in their prisoners posture, nor of his eyes which had flickered briefly…

The incredible adventure of Superfrog continues!

Superfrog watched as the gigantic combination lock door swung open revealing a very large room. The two men prodded him forward. He saw book cases lining each of the walls excepting the one opposite the door which housed two large windows adorned with velvet curtains. The room appeared to be some sort of private book containing room. Superfrog frowned (mentally), the words “Be Quiet Please. Or we’ll kill you or hurt you severely!” were written on a sign hanging from one of the bookshelves. No light could be seen through the windows, which could only mean one thing, this chamber was far underground, most likely hidden from any sort of civilization or it was night time. Superfrog wasn’t sure what this room containing books and threatening “Be Quiet” signs had to do with a deathbed, but he sure wasn’t going to stick around and find out. Plus, he didn’t want to miss out on his favorite tv show.

Superfrog, not wanting to arouse suspicion, very carefully pushed his thumb to several of his fingers and prepared to make his escape.


Far away, twenty feet down the hall, Simon drew a sword. He drew it very carefully. The lights flickered.

“Dang it!”, Simon shouted. He furiously crumbled up the piece of paper and tossed it in a nearby wastebasket containing several similar drawings. He got up and threw his hands up and down in the air and stomped around in anger. Then he cried. Then he stomped around in anger. Then he sat down. Then he cried.

He looked at the frosted, but as of yet, undecorated cake. This day was getting on his nerves! Just like yesterday and the day before. His cake was overdone, not decorated, his feet were cold, and every attempt he had made to decorate the cake had been utterly thwarted in some nefarious way. Why did bad things have to happen to him today, of all days, his birthday?


Olfrod frolicked in the corn field and made cookies with Aunt Nel. He flew to Pluto, said “Ha ha, you’re not a planet anymore!” kicked it and flew back home. He got home just in time, the alarm was going off and the second batch of cookies was done. He took the cookies and a bouquet of flowers out of the oven and turned the alarm off. The alarm kept going. He picked the oven up and threw it out the window, it orbited the earth, hit him in the head, and landed back in the same spot. The oven then said to him “Alert Alert, Initiate extraction plan beta”. What in the world…

Olfrod’s eye-covers slid open and he saw the Transcaster blinking in front of him. Ah! It all made sense now, his subconscious emulating subroutine had kicked in after his exhaustion subroutine had initiated making him process things that had been left unprocessed since the last time his exhaustion subroutine had run. Perfect sense. He quickly wheeled over to the Transcaster which was a foot away. Could it be? Superfrog had been found and his location was blinking up on the monitor. From the looks of it he was in some sort of subterranean outpost in the Antarctic. He turned around to ready the Frogplane for take off. (Superfrog had let Olfrod name the Frogplane, something he regrets to this day…). He wheeled over to the landing pad and gasped (or at least did his best). The plane was not there!

To be continued…

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