The First of the Old Part II

Last time

“Sir, Would you like a drink?”… an alarm sounds. “You thought you got rid of me, but I’m back!”

The epic adventure of Superfrog continues…

“Oh no!” exclaims Olfrod “it’s Simon the one who blew up city hall last summer!”

“Yes, that’s right.” says Superfrog. “Simon, come out! We still know what you did last summer!” Superfrog says in a thunderous voice that could make the wimpiest soldier turn pale.

“Oh, Superfrog! You forgot that whatever Simon saysgoes.” says Simon. “And Simon says it’s time for you to die! HAHAHAHA!”

Suddenly, Superfrog leaps into the air over Simon and runs out the door leaving Olfrod and Simon clueless.

“What is that Stupidfrog up to…” Simon mutters.

Out of the dark come hissing sounds and then loud clanks. Superfrog may have found a way to save the day!

Simon says, “What are you doing Superfrog… or should I say Mr. Stupidhead! HAHAHAHA!”

Out comes Superfrog with a, what is that? It’s… it’s… IT’S… a flashlight? No wait! That’s not it, it’s a super-powered high impact pressurized Super Shooter 5400! Simon sees it and dissappears (though it is unclear as to whether he was visible before). Out from the shadows Simon says, “You haven’t seen the last of me Superfrog!!!!”

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