Simon Says Part II


“Oh No! That poor alien just got decimated!” … “Help me” … “When my spaceship exploded a shard of it flew off … you must find it”

The epic adventure of Superfrog continues…

Superfrog intently stared at the blinking lights displayed on the monitor. He was getting a headache.

It had been several days since that alien had crashed through his skylight, toppled him over, and left his slimy alien guts all over the statue of Kermit the Frog. Superfrog would simply have to get a new one, and he wasn’t sure how much skylights were running for these days. At the time the alien had told him of a shard that had flown from his ship towards the city when the spacecraft exploded. (Or rather, was destroyed but let’s not mention that). The alien had also warned him to be careful that the shard did not fall into the wrong hands. A ridiculous request, Superfrog thought, surely everything that could have fallen from the spaceship had already done so by the time the alien said something. As to whether or not anything had fallen into hands, Superfrog was unsure. Though the odd’s of such a thing happening were unlikely.

“Sir, can I assume the mission is going well?” a robot voice said disturbing Superfrog’s thought process.

It was Olfrod, Superfrogs robotic butler and helper thing.

“The mission is proceeding, though wells have nothing to do with it. You see these three blinking lights displayed on the monitor? Each represents a fragment of the aliens shard that fell into the city. It appears that the one shard has… become three” Superfrog raised his eyebrows inquisitively. (It is unsure as to whether Superfrog has eyebrows – though if he does they were sure to be raised in some fashion).

“What are you planning to do sir?”

“I’ve thought about this and have decided, I will have to retrieve each one of the fragments. The city is counting on me,” Superfrog said heroically. “Though, I must admit Olfrod, something about this seems a little fishy.”

No, fishy was the wrong word, Superfrog thought to himself. Things were much more than fishy. Something about this seemed familiar, a little too familiar…

To be continued…

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