The First of the Old

We join our hero Superfrog in the frog cave. He has recently returned from battling it out with Raddishman his archenemy…

“Sir, can I get you something to drink? Perhaps Flymonade or Insecta cider?”, says Olfrod, Superfrogs robot.

“Yes, but I’d rather,” posing for a camera he continues, “Enjoy Coke!” Superfrog finishes with a large smile.

“Boop, Boop, bleep, boop.” An alarm sounds!

“What’s that!?” exclaims Olfrod.

“No worries,” says Superfrog, “My popcorn’s done.”

“Must you scare me like that sir?” says Olfrod while eyeing the popcorn.

“Oh, I’m sorry Olfrod…”

“Warrrrarrr Warrr Weeerr…” an alarm sounds.

“What’s that!?” exclaims Olfrod.

“I have no idea…”

A mysterious laugh booms from the shadows. “Hoohoo Hoohoo hahaha. How does it feel being clueless Superfrog? You thought you got rid of me. But I’m back!”

To be continued…

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One Response to The First of the Old

  1. This is great …I am looking forward to following Superfrog’s adventures -you’re going down Raddishman!!!

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